Picked up one of my favorite dunks of all time and I can also call this one of my top five shoes of all time. Corgi Shoe @corgishoe Posted these gems in a size 12 and I had to snatch them up.


Tongue is stuffed fatter than a pig’s belly. 2002 Nike Dunk Low Pro B (Obsidian/White)! The quality on this one shoe shits on people’s entire newer collections Hands down!! Thanks to Food With Sole @foodwithsole for tagging Me though I was texting Him at the same time already. Missed out on the 2001 Air Jordan 1 Breds. These were $100, but 70-80% of people would rather buy the Red Supreme Dunk Low for $350-500. You can have those. This is where it’s at! Know your Sneaker History before leaving comments on IG posts that make you like You just got off the “I don’t really know shit about Sneakers” Boat. Back to doing what I Love, LIVING LIFE! – Wolf






True Sneaker Fans, and I’m talking actual enthusiasts of wearable art rejoiced recently in Los Angeles when the news of Brooklyn Projects X Dom Deluca’s “Walk Of Fame” X Nike SB Collab finally surfacing for release. I remember back at the weeks of the “Reign In Blood’ Dunk Hi release Dom was telling Me He already had the next SB Feast cooking up in the kitchen and it was going to be on another level. Let’s not forget to mention how exciting it is to have a local shop /boutique in your city drop such an exclusive masterpiece. Shit, You feel like you won the Lotto! Especially when you hear from people across the states wishing they were visiting or living in Los Angeles on release day. Locally You could find size runs of the LeBron EXT Suede Mint because almost 500 people were at BP gearing up to grab the local drop of the year. I know I know, You are barking “What about the UNDFTD Ballistic Dunk High?”. That was a great drop too, but the Walk Of Fame was for the most part Brooklyn Projects exclusive. You could not get these online unless You were paying an arm and two fingers for them. 500 total pairs. That’s it, That’s all. Will there be a GR Version for the masses? Too many Yes and No Rumors going around.



CONCEPT & EXECUTION: The execution of this concept falls nothing short of thee best SB Dunk Low in years! Yes, I said it today, and I said it to Dom two weeks ago when he handed me My first personal pair. When i say first pair, if you think I don’t have 6 pairs on ice and 1 to rock asap, You don’t know Me too well. Thanks to the few followers and friends that helped grab me pairs from the 3 Group line ups. Now I’ll be honest, I really had not grasped the magnitude of this Dunk till I got home and decided to change up the laces to the extra set that comes with this release. Took some real life pics for IG. That’s when I saw the detail, the concept came to life. It was all there! Details! I’m as LA as it gets. Born and Raised in Santa Monica for My early years, Hollywood’s Walk Of Fame is like a stone path through My back yard. Rare is a Youtube Video from Me, but if you look it up you’ll see I started a video wearing My What The Dunks on the Walk of Fame for the DJ AM Pack event at the Nike Montalban. The Metallic Gold Swoosh, Gold Stitched BROOKLYN PROJECTS on the heel, Safari dotted to match the Stars. Toe box, tongue, extra set of laces all matching the color on these Walk Of Fame perfectly. Definitely the best Dunk of the year so far with that MIA Dunk coming in close 2nd. Quote me on all that please!!

1.1THE WRISTBANDS: They say it pays to follow closely to some Tweets and IG Posts these days. Without warning it was on. Dom and Brooklyn Projects announced FCFS on Groups One, Two, and Three. Now you can’t stop the Hustlers and Opportunists in any situation where there is money to be made. You could easily find Wristbands for sale on SGLA and Craigslist. Ranging from $20 – $125, People did what they had to do to be in that line. No I did not participate in the sales of any, but bet I bought few. It’s like a bot, You want the damn shoes? Luck or Making It Happen are your two options.



THE BIG DAY: I pull up to BP on Melrose about 10:30AM prior to store opening and there was 3-5 kids there. That made sense since people had wristbands and it didn’t start till 12 noon. But once I’d say 11AM rolled around people started to pull up. From that moment on the block was packed with all 3 groups hanging out all day. There was a slight delay in the timing but that was only because almost every wristband showed up.
Saw a lot of heads out there. Sneak Da Ripper, Lenny Blanco, Sneaker Heads Los Angeles, Bobby Tilts, Joe Apples, the Homie Hawk, Shoe Chef Sal, KIK CRAZY, Graham the Grummis and many more. Once the ball got rolling it was non-stop action from Noon till about 6:15PM. The hospitality from the BP Family is incomparable. DJ as always, Thank You. Dom You have set a high standard on how a collab and concept should be executed. It was a long time coming, Thank You all for letting Me be a huge part of it. (Damn it feels good writing again..) – WOLF


As many of You know I was in attendance for the Brooklyn Projects X Nike Dunk High SB “Reign In Blood” Special Release at Brooklyn Projects Melrose. The afternoon did not disappoint. I have to start off by thanking Dom Deluca and Staff for hosting a great organized fair release for the highly sought after Dunk Highs. One of the best since the Gucci Dunk Highs and the Brain Wrecks IN MY OPINION!! (Yes, We are all enttled to have one. You should try it sometime!!) Pictured below is the Brooklyn Projects Dunk Low SB from years back with it’s Big Bro the RIB.  

This Young Man was first in line and came down with Family all the way from San Francisco. His group wasn’t going to take a chance on the Special Edition. It was hilarious listening to a bunch of different People in line speculating on the number of pairs produced and where they were being sold etc.. Rumors and wrong info galore. Everyone is an Expert these days.

Dom went all out on the packaging of the special edition. The Blood Bags special ordered for the release were a nice touch indeed. Special Edition Nike SB X Brooklyn Projects Tees were included in a second Blood Bag. You can catch images spread throughout this post of the Tee Print. The Team was all hands on deck. 

As You can see, there were many happy People. Always good to see real fans and lovers of Sneakers get their Pair as opposed to mass reseller. Yeah Yeah, GFY! I’ve moved on to bigger better Hustles. Sorry for feeding Myself the last 2 years. “Dad On The Scene” below was way excited that He was able to once again secure His Son’s Pair. I see Him at many a release making sure His Son is taken care of. Good to see this type of dedication both of Family and Sneakers. SALUTE!!!! 

Brooklyn Projects is a great Skate Shop located in the Heart of the Los Angeles Life Style. A second location can be found in the City of Pasadena. The Half Pipe in the backyard is a classic touch. That’s where I snapped that picture up top of this post. So many Skaters, I didn’t catch this Gentlemen’s Name. I’m happy I was able to secure a pair Myself. Good Times and Great People. That sums up the release event and this shop. It’s a BP Thing! Once again a SALUTE and Thank You to Dom Deluca and Crew. I told You what I thought of Your Dunk High and I meant it Sir! Stay Tuned Wolf Pack – WOLF